This blog is re­ally an out­growth of the “wc­cus­dtalk” Yahoo dis­cus­sion list, which I set up and mod­er­ated ini­tially. As I have par­tic­i­pated in this list, I have no­ticed a ten­dency for peo­ple to do var­i­ous things that I would con­sider blog­ging (long es­say-like posts, think­ing out loud, etc.), in­stead of the more di­rect con­ver­sa­tional style that fits the model of the mail­ing list bet­ter.

My sug­ges­tion that blog­gers use a blog didn’t meet much of a re­cep­tion, but it did get me to think­ing that this would be great to do my­self. With a blog I can miss a whole con­ver­sa­tion that has passed by on wc­cus­dtalk and still put in my two cents in as blog en­try. Or, sum­ma­rize a done thread. Or, post an ar­ti­cle be­cause it seems more ap­pro­pri­ate here than as a mail­ing list post­ing. I can also con­stantly edit my post­ings. And, post­ings are also more find­able on the Internet. It goes on…

I haven’t given up on wc­cus­dtalk, though. I look at blog­ging as a com­ple­ment to post­ing.

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