Well, it was the longest Board meeting (12/10/08) I’ve ever experienced, ending at 2pm. I’ll post about the most important parts later, but first let’s talk about an interesting development at the beginning of the meeting near 7pm.

Every year the Board elects a president and clerk (basically, a vice president). In an ideal Board you’d expect the clerk to be a president-in-waiting position, but factionalism changes things. Pfeifer/Kronenberg were the previous combo, but, instead of Kronenberg becoming president, the Board voted in Miles/Medrano. Charles Ramsey complained about the fact that Medrano had just been elected and that was unusual.

I would have preferred that Kronenberg had been kept in at least as clerk to show unity, but it has to be acknowledged that in part this is a reaction to what happened in 2005 when the controlling majority was Fenton, Pfeifer, Ramsey — with Fenton being a looser part. Dave Brown was dumped completely after being clerk. Here is a chronicle of these internal elections in the minutes under item B.3:

12/12/07 Meeting Pfeifer/Kronenberg
12/6/06 Meeting Pfeifer/Ramsey
12/14/05 Meeting Ramsey/Pfeifer
12/8/04 Meeting Price/Brown
12/3/03 Meeting Ramsey/Price

Karen Fenton retired in 2006 to be replaced by Madeline Kronenberg as a much firmer member of the controlling majority. Now Karen Pfeifer has been not-reelected and the previous majority has been truncated to be replaced with something else that will take firmer shape as more Board meetings occur.