On July 2d, the WCCUSD School Board met in a special meeting. People told them loud and clear “Enhanced parcel tax, no bond.” The Board authorized a parcel-tax-only survey unanimously. Charles Ramsey said such a (no-bond) campaign would have to be conducted without him. For a week or so, it was West Contra Costa Spring as people quickly started organizing a grassroots campaign under the name Support West County Students, without Charles and his (friends’) money, to support a parcel tax increase campaign.

Now, it’s August 1st and the same board is ready to place another $300M+ bond (#6) on the Nov. ballot, only two years after passing the previous $300M+ bond (#5), and to place an extension only for the current parcel tax that doesn’t actually expire till 2014. Expect another heavily funded astroturf campaign.

Anyway, to relive those halcyon days of early July, I’ve uploaded sound files from the July 2d meeting. I digitized the parts of the audio cassettes for the “Funding” item in the meeting. They can be played or downloaded from:

http://ge.tt/7pghVNL/v/0?c (beginning from the 1st tape)
http://ge.tt/5uFyVNL/v/0?c (ending from the 2d tape)