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WCCUSD: We are a scope driven program damn it!

WCCUSD portrays Associate Superintendent – Chief Operations Officer Bill Fay’s description of scope-based budgeting, not as an explication of something everyone knows about anyway, but as the result of Mr. Fay having a bad day or something. We all know this is a crock of baloney, and that Dr. Harter’s continued carrying of water for Charles Ramsey makes him look like a smaller and smaller man.

Here is an additional source for the WCCUSD bond program’s central dynamic: the Facilities Subcommittee minutes. Naturally, the PDFs are not indexed in Google. I’ll have to comb through them manually. For now, here’s an example from the March 11th, 2014 meeting.

The item is:

C.1 Highland Elementary School Architectural Contract. Presenters: Magdy Abdalla, Chief Engineering Officer; Juan Garrahan, Program Manager of SGI; Steve Kwok of Quattrocchi Kwok Architects ; David Ranch, Principal at Highland

Mr. Abdalla introduced Mr. Steve Kwok of Quattrocchi Kwok Architects. Mr. Kwok attempted to explain the slowdown and why there was a need to reduce the scope.

Mr. Kwok is obviously used to working for districts where there are real budgets. The fool!

Mr. Ramsey clarified that this was a scope driven program and the budget was adjusted at the Board level, and where was the breakdown?

The King bangs his sceptre and points out the Prime Directive of WCCUSD. Mere financial concerns don’t matter. The complaisant School Board will simply change the budget.

Mr. Abdalla clarified to Mr. Ramsey that this was a scope driven program and the budget was adjusted at Board Level, as well as at a past FSC meeting.

The District Engineering Officer quickly jumps in to reassure the King that the Prime Directive will be followed.

Just one example…

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  1. What’s all that stuff in those minutes about seismic projects? After all these years and all these dollars, has the district not completed seismic safety projects, as a first priority?

    Or is this a case of, there’s some state money available for seismic safety, so let’s see if any of our upcoming projects can be called “seismic safety” projects?

    I wouldn’t be upset if it’s the latter, that’s what everybody does, but if the former is true then … wow.

    • “Seismic,” “asbestos,” “safety,” and “faulty wiring,” are the buzz words the district uses to trick the voters into passing multiple bonds.

      Bond #7 introduced “equity” and “preparation for college and careers.”

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