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WCCUSD School Board Endorsements

It’s already election day, so what better time to explain my own endorsements in the race for WCCUSD school board. Maybe not. Consider this more of a confession than an endorsement at this point.

There are four candidates for two slots:

Randy Enos
Todd Groves
Antonio Medrano
Robert Studdiford

I’ve been pretty clear about my support for Todd for a while. He’s someone who is using his retirement to not just volunteer but to actually lead in bringing key concrete programs into schools. So far, it’s been the Writer Connection and a new middle school math initiative. I’ve always been impressed with his intelligence and interest in academic issues. He also has a great way of just ignoring divisiveness around him and just getting on with the business of serving student needs (a skill I could be better at). It would be good to have someone with his mind on the board. (He is 5 for 6 in main institutional endorsements.)

Enos and Medrano are kind of a toss-up for me for the other slot. Medrano seems more open to reform, but he’s too wedded to the construction program and endless bond measures. Enos is an ex-teacher and ex-principal who can bring that kind of perspective. He’s also a moderate person, so even in cases like charter schools, where he doesn’t really support them, he can be relied on to be fair. So, if I have to choose, I choose Enos.

Studdiford is the candidate I’ve known the longest, but also the one I rate the lowest. He is really unsuited to be in this position. He’s being cooler in the run-up to the election, but he has generally been immature, belligerent, and very them-vs.-us. I always get the feeling that he’s not quite all there. He’s also not that knowledgeable outside of school construction.

His major activities have been defending the construction program and supporting his hero, Charles Ramsey. This has turned into large donations from the interests he was supposed to be overseeing on the bond oversight committee (included the notorious Seville Group indicted for their activities in the Sweetwater district) and a lot of politician endorsements. This gives him a good chance. The only upside to his election would be a great increase in the entertainment value of board meetings.

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  1. For me, two votes were easy. Yes on Groves, No on Studdiford.

    I went back and forth on Medrano and Enos, and then chose Enos for the three following reasons:
    1. Medrano is the status quo–the race to the middle and build build build.
    2. Medrano never responded to my concerns about the Ed Code violation regarding the missing data on the SARC documents. These publicized documents exist for the purpose of helping parents and taxpayers understand how their money is being spent. He should have shared my concerns, but apparently, he just goes along with the superintendent and district staff. He forgot who he is supposed to be representing. I am now learning from some folks that the district might be getting “creative” with how they are reporting some of this information on the SARCs. It was Medrano’s job to ensure transparency and accuracy of information, of which both are currently absent.

    3. Lastly, Medrano said if Hercules wants their concerns to be heard, they need to have someone run for school board. Medrano forgets that he is an “at large” representative, that the entire district is his responsibility, meaning he should occasionally get in his car, and with the help of his GPS, locate Hercules, and come listen to our concerns.

    With Randy Enos, we will have someone who does understand the machinations of the education system. He seems like someone who will listen to all, including Hercules.

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