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WCCUSD Needs More Blogs

I was just reading an excellent post by Giorgio Cosentino on his WCCUSD Quality Improvement Project blog about the insensitiveness of our WCCUSD school board candidates to the impact of the tax measures on ordinary citizens. I would definitely encourage you to bookmark his site. I’m also interested in finding other blogs connected with WCCUSD. If you know of any, post a link as a comment.

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  1. Anyone with anything critical to say will be silenced. District is being run by sub-par individuals who are not only crooks and unbelievably stupid, Nepotism is rampant. Cronyism is the name of the game. Principlals come from everywhere , as many of them were fired from their previous positions at other educational institutions, and some are unfit to run a school. There is quite a bit of hanky panky going on with the construction contracts. These people have ruined what was once a top-notch district. They are hardly scholars not to mention educators. They are just plain incompetents with dubious overlapping titles who have no interest in being honest or doing the right thing. This club, as I like to call them, have many dirty secrets. Most folks with kids who could afford it, left these schools long ago for private. There is a “brain drain” from top to bottom. There is no rhyme or reason for some of their fiscal waste and mismanagement. All of these schools have gone down the drain (test scores!) It would be a smart idea for Hercules and El Cerrito schools to break away from this this mess now. Internally, the Administration is terrified of being taken over by the state. In my opinion, this is the best thing that could happen to this corrupt, wasteful district that is being run by hostile baffoons.

  2. Charley Cowens

    October 10, 2012 — 11:12 am

    The Oakland Trib reporter, Katy Murphy, has a great blog, The Education Report. Naturally, it’s mostly OUSD, but the issues there are a lot like the issues here.

  3. Thanks for promoting my blog, Charley. Here is a blog for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

    I am sharing this to show you what we citizens of the WCCUSD are missing. Contra Costa Times reporter Teresa Harrington is the MDUSD reporter and blogger. She is very active in the district’s issues. Her blog has a high amount of activity as parents and teachers discuss (battle?) school or district issues. Take a gander at the archives found on the right side of the blog page. Many issues parallel those of the WCCUSD.

    The CC Times no longer has a WCCUSD reporter on staff, but they do contract with a freelancer Rick Radin who can be reached via his email
    I’m guessing as a free-lancer, he only covers what is truly newsworthy, such as a possible Grand Jury investigation of the Ivy League Connection program, not that such would ever happen.

    In addition to the lack of a full-time reporter, the citizens are discouraged from speaking at the WCCUSD board meetings as a result of having the public comment period scheduled somewhere near bedtime.

    And when you finally do get to speak, your comments are not documented in the minutes, although they are recorded on TV archives. I’m not sure what the retention policy is for these video recordings. There might be more public involvement if the public knew that they were truly being heard, and documented.

    Perhaps the El Cerrito Patch education reporter could cover the WCCUSD board meetings, even if not live. Just to see the public comments and summaries of agenda items in some sort of written form would be useful. I can begin doing this on my blog, but the Patch does get more coverage, so I will ask Patch staff if this is a possibility.

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