WCCUSD Election Campaign and Advocacy Group Resources


Recently I’ve added and up­dated three re­sources with links dis­played in the left side­bar of the blog:

Candidate Forums

This is the newest ad­di­tion. I col­lected this info about 12 events where the WCCUSD can­di­dates are in­vited to at­tend into a Google cal­en­dar that can be viewed in the page or as a map. Having a lot of these things is an equal­izer of sorts to help the can­di­dates with fewer or­ga­ni­za­tional or fi­nan­cial re­sources.

One thing that con­cerns me is whether any of these events in­clude the county board of ed­u­ca­tion can­di­dates, too. I’ll look into it.

Candidate Contact Info

This is still in­com­plete. I have e-mails and group e-mails set up for the can­di­dates for the county and dis­trict races. I’m miss­ing the web­site info for:

  • Antonio Medrano
  • Don Gosney
  • Elaine Merriweather

WCCUSD Advocacy Groups

A key re­quire­ment for be­ing on this list is hav­ing a web­site. It is 2016. I know hav­ing a web­site doesn’t make a group, but hav­ing one is at least some sign of so­lid­ity. It also means you can get in­for­ma­tion about the group straight from the horse’s mouth.

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