Recently I’ve added and updated three resources with links displayed in the left sidebar of the blog:

Candidate Forums

This is the newest addition. I collected this info about 12 events where the WCCUSD candidates are invited to attend into a Google calendar that can be viewed in the page or as a map. Having a lot of these things is an equalizer of sorts to help the candidates with fewer organizational or financial resources.

One thing that concerns me is whether any of these events include the county board of education candidates, too. I’ll look into it.

Candidate Contact Info

This is still incomplete. I have e-mails and group e-mails set up for the candidates for the county and district races. I’m missing the website info for:

  • Antonio Medrano
  • Don Gosney
  • Elaine Merriweather

WCCUSD Advocacy Groups

A key requirement for being on this list is having a website. It is 2016. I know having a website doesn’t make a group, but having one is at least some sign of solidity. It also means you can get information about the group  straight from the horse’s mouth.