There are 4 candidates running for 2 seats on the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education. One aspect of the campaign process is garnering endorsements from various organizations and the main local paper. Here is the current scorecard:

El Cerrito Democratic ClubX
Contra Costa Central Labor CouncilXX
Democratic Party of Contra Costa CountyXX
United Teachers of RichmondXX
Public Employees Union, Local No. 1XX
Contra Costa TimesXX

The Endorsers

The El Cerrito Democratic Club has been the only active party club in the district. (A new one in Hercules is starting up.) It combines a candidate Q&A forum with a members-only ballot at the end.

The Central Labor Council is the county version of the AFL-CIO. They send out a questionnaire and then interview and endorse candidates.

The county Democratic Party has an elected Central Committee. Candidates fill out and submit a short questionnaire. A subcommittee interviews candidates. Then, this subcommittee recommends candidates to the full committee.

The teachers union also sends out a questionnaire first. (The answers are distributed to all teachers.) The union executive board interviews candidates and passes on a recommendation to the general council of representatives from all of the schools. At the general meeting, the candidates get to make a brief pitch to the whole assembly before a ballot is taken.

“Local 1” is the union for most of the non-teacher employees in WCCUSD. Their board interviews candidates and decides who to endorse.

The Contra Costa Times is the local paper that pays the most attention to WCCUSD. They interview the candidates before deciding. This time they are posting the video of the interview in the endorsement editorial.

This post was originally published on September 19th, but was updated and republished once the Contra Costa Times endorsed.