Here is a brief sum­mary of the spe­cific ac­tions taken by the Board on 6/​3.


Approved unan­i­mously

  • F.1 Master Plan for Renovation of Coronado Elementary School

Motion to (1) com­mit to re­build­ing Coronado and (2) hire an ar­chi­tect within 3 weeks
Approved 5 – 0

  • F.2 Third Interim Report, 2008-09

This is for cur­rent bud­get year. Already sub­mit­ted to COE. According to staff, mis­tak­enly placed as ac­tion item. (?) Shows no im­medite cash flow prob­lem.
No mo­tion

  • F.3 Presentation of the Measure M, Measure D and Measure J 2007-08 Fiscal Audit by Perry Smith, LLP

These are the 3 cur­rent bond mea­sures.
Accepted by 5 – 0

  • F.4 Resolution No. 94 – 0809 Intention to Levy Assessments for Fiscal Year 2009-10, Preliminarily Approving Engineer’s Report and pro­vid­ing for Notice of a Public Hearing

This is a res­o­lu­tion to just be­gin the an­nual process of reim­pos­ing the MRAD (Maintenance and Recreation Assessment District) tax. It doesn’t have to be pro forma, but it usu­ally is.
Approved by 5 – 0

  • F.5 Resolution No. 95 – 0809: Adoption of Notice and Hearing Schedule Pursuant to Education Code §44955.5

In or­der to lay­off clas­si­fied staff a process has to be fol­lowed. March 15 is the usual notic­ing dead­line fol­lowed by May 15 as the fi­nal notic­ing dead­line. In a fis­cal emer­gency, August 15 can also be used as a fi­nal notic­ing dead­line, but first the Board has to ap­prove a sched­ule that al­lows time for pre­lim­i­nary notic­ing (6/​24/​2009) and ad­min­is­tra­tive law hear­ings be­fore 8/​15.
Approved by 4 – 1 (Thurmond op­posed)

  • F.6 Preliminary Planning for Demolition of Gompers High School and Adams Middle School

Motion to move for­ward with plan­ning for de­mo­li­tion. It was pointed out that it isn’t clear if the lan­guage of any bond al­lows this use. In the case of Adams, it seems to me to be a clear case of un­seemly haste. Shutting down Adams (retro­fit for $12M) in­stead of Portola (re­build for $70M) was a bla­tant case of po­lit­i­cally bi­ased bad de­ci­sion-mak­ing. Removing Adams quickly re­moves the pos­si­bil­ity of later re­morse lead­ing to mov­ing “Portola” to the Adams site.
Approved by 5 – 0

Items Not Covered

  • * G.1 Preliminary Budget for 2009-10

This was only a dis­cus­sion item, but I can’t help not­ing that the Board had to ad­journ be­fore get­ting to this. This meet­ing was the last op­por­tu­nity to dis­cuss this be­fore the pre­sen­ta­tion of the fi­nal bud­get at the 6/​24 meet­ing. Since the dead­line for sub­mis­sion is 6/​30, it make the 6/​24 vote even more of a rub­ber stamp.

Full List of Business Items

*CI C.1 Contracted Services
*CI C.2 Grants/​Awards/​Agreements
*CI C.3 Acceptance of Donations
*CI C.4 Approval of Fund-Raising Activities
*CI C.5 Acceptance of Contracts for Placement of Student Teachers
*CI C.6 Notification of Claims Rejected
*CI C.7 Routine Personnel Changes — Classified
*CI C.8 Ratification and Approval of Engineering Services Contracts
*CI C.9 Ratification and Approval of Negotiated Change Orders
*CI C.10 School Consolidation Modulars Contract Award
*CI C.11 DeAnza High School Fitness Center Modulars Sitework & Utilities Project Award of Contract
*CI C.12 DeAnza High School Fitness Equipment Award of Contract
*CI C.13 Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education
*CI C.14 Modification of Board Policy 1340 — Access to District Records

WCCUSD Board Meeting 6/​3/​2009

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