Here is a brief summary of the specific actions taken by the Board on 6/3.


Approved unanimously

  • F.1 Master Plan for Renovation of Coronado Elementary School

Motion to (1) commit to rebuilding Coronado and (2) hire an architect within 3 weeks
Approved 5-0

  • F.2 Third Interim Report, 2008-09

This is for current budget year. Already submitted to COE. According to staff, mistakenly placed as action item. (?) Shows no immedite cash flow problem.
No motion

  • F.3 Presentation of the Measure M, Measure D and Measure J 2007-08 Fiscal Audit by Perry Smith, LLP

These are the 3 current bond measures.
Accepted by 5-0

  • F.4 Resolution No. 94-0809 Intention to Levy Assessments for Fiscal Year 2009-10, Preliminarily Approving Engineer’s Report and providing for Notice of a Public Hearing

This is a resolution to just begin the annual process of reimposing the MRAD (Maintenance and Recreation Assessment District) tax. It doesn’t have to be pro forma, but it usually is.
Approved by 5-0

  • F.5 Resolution No. 95-0809: Adoption of Notice and Hearing Schedule Pursuant to Education Code §44955.5

In order to layoff classified staff a process has to be followed. March 15 is the usual noticing deadline followed by May 15 as the final noticing deadline. In a fiscal emergency, August 15 can also be used as a final noticing deadline, but first the Board has to approve a schedule that allows time for preliminary noticing (6/24/2009) and administrative law hearings before 8/15.
Approved by 4-1 (Thurmond opposed)

  • F.6 Preliminary Planning for Demolition of Gompers High School and Adams Middle School

Motion to move forward with planning for demolition. It was pointed out that it isn’t clear if the language of any bond allows this use. In the case of Adams, it seems to me to be a clear case of unseemly haste. Shutting down Adams (retrofit for $12M) instead of Portola (rebuild for $70M) was a blatant case of politically biased bad decision-making. Removing Adams quickly removes the possibility of later remorse leading to moving “Portola” to the Adams site.
Approved by 5-0

Items Not Covered

  • * G.1 Preliminary Budget for 2009-10

This was only a discussion item, but I can’t help noting that the Board had to adjourn before getting to this. This meeting was the last opportunity to discuss this before the presentation of the final budget at the 6/24 meeting. Since the deadline for submission is 6/30, it make the 6/24 vote even more of a rubber stamp.

Full List of Business Items

*CI C.1 Contracted Services
*CI C.2 Grants/Awards/Agreements
*CI C.3 Acceptance of Donations
*CI C.4 Approval of Fund-Raising Activities
*CI C.5 Acceptance of Contracts for Placement of Student Teachers
*CI C.6 Notification of Claims Rejected
*CI C.7 Routine Personnel Changes – Classified
*CI C.8 Ratification and Approval of Engineering Services Contracts
*CI C.9 Ratification and Approval of Negotiated Change Orders
*CI C.10 School Consolidation Modulars Contract Award
*CI C.11 DeAnza High School Fitness Center Modulars Sitework & Utilities Project Award of Contract
*CI C.12 DeAnza High School Fitness Equipment Award of Contract
*CI C.13 Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education
*CI C.14 Modification of Board Policy 1340 – Access to District Records