WCCUSD BOE Election: Main Institutional Endorsements

There are 10 can­di­dates run­ning for 3 seats on the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education. 2 in­cum­bents are run­ning; Charles Ramsey is not run­ning for re-elec­tion.

One as­pect of the cam­paign process is get­ting en­dorse­ments from var­i­ous or­ga­ni­za­tions and the main lo­cal pa­per. Just like I did in 2012, here is the cur­rent score­card:

El Cerrito Democratic Club (0)
Central Labor Council (2)XX
County Democratic Party (3)XXX
Local One (4)XXXX
Contra Costa Times (3)XXX
SFER Action Network — West Contra Costa (2)XX
CCSA Advocates (2)XX

The Candidates

  1. CHESTER R. STEVENS (Hercules)
  2. MISTER PHILLIPS (Richmond)
  6. VALERIE CUEVAS (Richmond)
  7. ELAINE MERRIWEATHER (Richmond, Incumbent)
  8. RAQUEL DONOSO (Richmond)
  10. MADELINE KRONENBERG (El Cerrito, Incumbent)

The Endorsers

  1. The Democratic Party is pretty much The Party in West County. The El Cerrito Democratic Club has been an ac­tive party club in the dis­trict for a long time. (New ones for Hercules and West County have started.) Endorsements re­quire a 60% thresh­old, which may ex­plain the lack of any en­dorse­ment this time.
  2. The Central Labor Council is the county ver­sion of the AFL-CIO. They are con­nected through the con­struc­tion pro­gram for the school and the unions for em­ploy­ees. They are a big “door hanger” pres­ence, too.
  3. The county Democratic Party has an elected Central Committee. As I was say­ing, the Democratic Party is The Party around here.
  4. The United Teachers of Richmond (UTR is the district’s teach­ers’ union.
  5. Public Employees Union, Local One is the union for most of the non-teacher em­ploy­ees in WCCUSD.
  6. The Contra Costa Times is the lo­cal pa­per that pays the most at­ten­tion to WCCUSD.
  7. SFER Action Network — West Contra Costa is a lo­cal sum­mer-only stu­dent project of the Students for Educational Reform, a group some con­sider an “as­tro­turf” group.
  8. CCSA Advocates is the ad­vo­cacy arm of the California Charter Schools Association. It’s a state-wide or­ga­ni­za­tion, but some peo­ple are mak­ing them an is­sue at the lo­cal level this elec­tion.

Update: 10/​16/​2014

4 thoughts on “WCCUSD BOE Election: Main Institutional Endorsements

  1. Hi Wout,

    My hus­band and I re­ceived our prop­erty tax bill a cou­ple of weeks ago, af­ter adding up all the WCCUSD bond taxes, our to­tal came up to just over $2500. We def­i­nitely feel your pain! We pay more to the bond pro­gram then to our city.

  2. This week I got my prop­erty tax bill in the mail. Not a pretty pic­ture.
    My house is as­sessed at $ 300000 which trans­lates into $ 3000 ba­sic ( 1%) tax. However thanks to all the school bond vot­ers an ad­di­tional $ 1800 is added. So I am pay­ing 160% of ” nor­mal.

    Who is look­ing out for peo­ple like me? These taxes are killing me. It is time for some re­al­is­tic and tax-sen­si­tive reps on this board.

    • Didn’t the vot­ers ap­prove those bond mea­sures?

      Like you, my prop­erty taxes are through the roof. My home is in a less af­flu­ent neigh­bor­hood and is as­sessed much lower than yours but be­ing a dis­able re­tiree liv­ing on a mea­ger fixed pen­sion these taxes hurt. (You can cry for me later.)

      Whether we agree with what’s passed by the elec­torate or not, the de­mo­c­ra­tic process de­mands that we live with the end re­sult. As long as we’re stuck with pay­ing this tax, it’s in­cum­bent upon us to en­sure that we get the biggest bang for our buck – to be sure that our tax dol­lars are build­ing the best mod­ern schools that will serve our needs for decades af­ter they’re built.

  3. I think the Status Quo must be pretty des­per­ate to stay in power if they need to at­tack stu­dents that en­dorsed op­po­si­tion. It takes the at­ten­tion away from ed­u­ca­tion — our dis­trict is one of the low­est per­form­ing dis­trict in California. Also we have the FEDS, the Securities and Exchange Commission, in­ves­ti­gat­ing the bond pro­gram. Facilities are cost­ing many times the av­er­age, con­struc­tion in­ter­ests in­volved in the bond pro­gram have con­tributed mil­lions to dis­trict cam­paigns

    Here’s a piece that was in the CCTimes by one of the SFER mem­bers:

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