I have pushed be­fore for ward elec­tions as a way of re­duc­ing the im­pact of large amounts of money. Now this has moved a step for­ward. Anton Jungherr and I or­ga­nized a meet­ing on Sunday (4/​29). The group leaned to­wards pro­mot­ing true ward elec­tions where mem­bers are voted on and also re­side in the ward and to­wards us­ing “method 1” in­volv­ing gath­er­ing 500 sig­na­tures to get the County Board of Education to vote on it. In our next meet­ing (5/​20), we will dis­cuss the ar­gu­ment for this change, re­view in­for­ma­tion about the process and other school dis­trict ex­pe­ri­ences, set up a PAC, and dis­cuss how to get com­mu­nity in­put into the ac­tual draw­ing of the ward bound­aries. As a work­ing name, we have “Citizens for Positive Educational Change.” We also have a Yahoo Group set up as a mail­ing list. You can sub­scribe us­ing this ad­dress: wccusdreform-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Ward Elections for WCCUSD Group Formed
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