On October 11, the WCCUSD School Board held another study session on the long-range budget situation and the failure of the August 28th Measure G parcel tax. I have to locate my notes for a fuller account of this session, but in the meantime I can tell you immediately about the developments for a new parcel tax campaign.

Madeline Kronenberg and Dave Brown (contact info) are now the Board Committee charged with exploring a parcel tax as an option. Superintendent Harter will put out a request for proposals for a consulting firm to potentially use in a campaign. The next study session on November 1st will be an opportunity to check the sentiment of Board members to formally pursue a new parcel tax campaign.

Here are the dates being looked at:

June 3, 2008 Statewide Primary Election
August 26, 2008 Special (Mail-In) Election
November 4, 2008 General Election
March 3, 2009 Special (Mail-In) Election

The filing deadline is 88 days in advance, so, for instance, for the primary election, the deadline would be March 7th.

One implication of this approach is that the development process for a parcel tax could be more transparent. Public funding for the polling means that the public should have more access to the information gathered. Also, having a more obvious public Board committee means at least you know who to approach.

An interesting question is: What happens to the UTR (teachers union) plans for their own “community-based” parcel tax? No one from UTR was at the study session this time.