On October 11, the WCCUSD School Board held an­other study ses­sion on the long-range bud­get sit­u­a­tion and the fail­ure of the August 28th Measure G par­cel tax. I have to lo­cate my notes for a fuller ac­count of this ses­sion, but in the mean­time I can tell you im­me­di­ately about the de­vel­op­ments for a new par­cel tax cam­paign.

Madeline Kronenberg and Dave Brown (con­tact info) are now the Board Committee charged with ex­plor­ing a par­cel tax as an op­tion. Superintendent Harter will put out a re­quest for pro­pos­als for a con­sult­ing firm to po­ten­tially use in a cam­paign. The next study ses­sion on November 1st will be an op­por­tu­nity to check the sen­ti­ment of Board mem­bers to for­mally pur­sue a new par­cel tax cam­paign.

Here are the dates be­ing looked at:

June 3, 2008 Statewide Primary Election
August 26, 2008 Special (Mail-In) Election
November 4, 2008 General Election
March 3, 2009 Special (Mail-In) Election

The fil­ing dead­line is 88 days in ad­vance, so, for in­stance, for the pri­mary elec­tion, the dead­line would be March 7th.

One im­pli­ca­tion of this ap­proach is that the de­vel­op­ment process for a par­cel tax could be more trans­par­ent. Public fund­ing for the polling means that the pub­lic should have more ac­cess to the in­for­ma­tion gath­ered. Also, hav­ing a more ob­vi­ous pub­lic Board com­mit­tee means at least you know who to ap­proach.

An in­ter­est­ing ques­tion is: What hap­pens to the UTR (teach­ers union) plans for their own “com­mu­nity-based” par­cel tax? No one from UTR was at the study ses­sion this time.

The Next Parcel Tax Campaign
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