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Public Comment Clips for WCCUSD BOE Meetings

Every West Contra Costa USD Board of Education meeting includes a segment for general public comment on non-agenda items. In the meetings I have attended, this can be an interesting direct insight into what people are thinking about. There are two problems with this:

  1. The minutes only show the names of speakers, not what they said.
  2. The speakers are called in order, not by what they are speaking about, so it can be hard to follow a single topic when listening.

As a solution to (1), I’ve started a project to clip out these public comment segments from WCCUSD board meeting archives and post to my YouTube channel. I’ve started working my way back and will continue to add to a playlist I’ve set up that contains all of these clips.

One Way to Create Video Clips from a Streaming Source

Regular WCCUSD school board meetings are televised and archived online on the City of Richmond Web site. These archived videos are playable through an embedded Windows media player. However, you might be interested in just one part of the meeting. To share it with others, you’d like to grab this part and post it to YouTube. How do you do it? There may be other ways, but here’s how I do it. Even though this is about processing a video file in an embedded Windows media player using a specific program, it should be adaptable to many other situations. Continue reading

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