The SF Chronicle had an interesting article about a new report from SF State, A Possible Dream: Retaining California Teachers So All Students Can Learn, based on teacher surveys. I thought the key quote was this:

“Teachers need to be asked to identify features of their work environment that are problematic and need to be addressed,” said the study’s author, Ken Futernick, director of K12 studies at CSU’s Center for Teacher Quality.

What I found interesting was two things that weren’t there:

  • There wasn’t much of an emphasis on more money.
  • There is no bristling by good teachers about the protection of bad teachers.

I’ve always felt that part of the problem with salary negotiations with teachers in resource-constrained situations where there isn’t much to offer is that teachers have little incentive to look at “the big picture” when school districts show no interest in improving conditions for teachers in ways that don’t cost as much money. Hopefully, this article will raise awareness of this issue.