Sell the Abandoned Site That Used to Be Adams (7 Years Ago)


WCCUSD staff worked out a great way to ac­com­mo­date the district’s le­gal re­quire­ment for hous­ing a grow­ing char­ter school while get­ting a closed school site that has been fes­ter­ing as aban­doned build­ings since 2009 out of its hair. The plan: sell the aban­doned prop­erty to the char­ter in re­turn for the char­ter (Caliber) waiv­ing it’s fu­ture le­gal fa­cil­i­ties rights. Slowness in mov­ing for­ward with the plan has al­lowed a coali­tion dri­ven by fear and hate to mo­bi­lize to pos­si­bly nix the deal.


More Stuff: Bond Oversight Committee Recordings

I’ve al­ways been an­noyed by the fact that, even though staff makes record­ings of our WCCUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee meet­ings, no one seemed to be able to get a hold of them. Then (sup­pos­edly) they are de­stroyed af­ter be­ing used to draft min­utes. Not very use­ful for the rest of us.

After a lot of work, I think can get them reg­u­larly now. As of to­day, I have record­ings of the last two meet­ings.

The next step was find­ing a way to make them avail­able. For this, I’m try­ing a ser­vice called Podomatic. It gives you 500Mb of free stor­age and pack­ages the sound files as pod­casts. Just use a spe­cial link to get to the pod­cast page:

From this page you can lis­ten to a record­ing, sub­scribe to the record­ings, or down­load them. A multi- or sin­gle-track play­ers can eas­ily be em­bed­ded like this:

I’ll see how this works out.