I’m now the secretary of the West Contra Costa Unified School District Citizens Bond Oversight Committee. How did this happen?

At the last committee meeting (on August 15th), as an aside, the chair, Robert Studdiford, stated that there would be elections for officers at the next meeting. He gave no other information. I assumed this meant the usual roll-over of the current officers.

Leading up to this September 26th meeting, there was no information available to the committee as a whole about whether the current officers would continue. No clue in the agenda. It just said “Officer Elections.”

When we had our meeting, the chair said we were supposed to have voted on officers awhile before, but it just hadn’t worked out. Then it turned out he wasn’t running for re-election this time. Whatever the explanation, it was a surprise. Kris Hunt nominated me for chair. Then, Mr. Studdiford, the chair, nominated Joseph Gallia, the Construction Trades Council representative.

Without any further discussion, we moved to a vote and Robert’s hand-picked successor was duly elected 6-4. I ended up as secretary, because nobody else wanted the job. (Or, maybe the hand-picked person didn’t make it to the meeting.)

The bright side is Robert is no longer chair. However, here’s what concerns me about this:

  1. There was no discussion about the contested presidential election, just steamrollering to a vote. When there was a contest for secretary last time, we had a discussion. Making up the rules at the moment of their application is not right. I would have liked to hear what Mr. Gallia would do as chair and to have been able to say what I would do as chair.
  2. The most bizarre aspect of this is related to the fact that Robert is running for school board. Joseph is a business agent for Ironworkers Union Local 378. This union has endorsed Robert as a candidate (and presumably given him money). So, Robert installed an official of a union supporting him for school board as his replacement as chair of our oversight committee.

Update: It turns out that since I last checked his endorsements page, Robert has updated it. Now, there is no longer a listing for the Ironworkers Union. If this page was from his 2008 run, it seems pretty weird that a campaign would not replace the page till now. (Here’s the Google archive link of the last version of the page and a screen cap I took of the archived page–in case the link gets overwritten.)