The County Board of Education will meet to consider the proposal to put trustee area elections on the ballot, so I guess it’s time to start blogging again.


For considering the trustee area issue for WCCUSD, I have revised my Google map mashup showing the locations of WCCUSD Board members’ listed residences in the District:

(I’m working on integrating the proposed trustee area boundaries directly into the map, but for now here’s the trustee area map for reference: .)

The legend in the Google-based map shows what proposed trustee areas the current trustees are in and their term ends. Karen Pfeifer (area 4) and Dave Brown (area 2) are up for re-election this year. There would be many permutations possible if trustee areas were to be implemented, but here’s the basic situation. If anyone from area 2 is elected this year, Audrey Miles would not be able to run in 2010. If anyone from area 4 is elected, neither Madeline Kronenberg nor Charles Ramsey would be able to run in 2010. If no one from area 4 is elected, Madeline Kronenberg and Charles Ramsey could both run in 2010, but only one could be elected in 2010.

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