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Buying School Boards in Style

I have complained before about the influence of big spending on our own District’s Board races, but LA certainly takes the cake for this as described in this article:

Mayor spent millions on school board races

The situation is a little different. LA is a bigger political “market.” Also, the contributors are buying consideration from the city government as a whole and not from the school district necessarily. I particularly enjoyed the part of the article at the end:

<< "City contractors are obviously giving because the mayor is asking," Stern said. "It's a business decision. It's not because they're interested in the school board." Kaufman sharply disagreed, saying donors to the committee gave money because they're concerned about education. "They share the mayor's belief that we have to fundamentally reform our schools," he said. >>


This is a letter from Kevin Rivard, long-time WCCUSD parent activist, posted originally on wccusdtalk.



Prodded by another posting, I would like to give praise, kudos’s, thanks and express my personal deep felt admiration for a person of this community who has been there for the students of this community, for over 20 years, committing her life and soul to making the schools a better place for students and teachers with hardly a congratulatory note from the institution she has supported.

Susan Wittenberg has once again come through for the teachers and the students of this community with her dream of recognizing six teachers, one citizen and one non-certificated employee at this years Teacher Excellence Award dinner to be held on Saturday, May 19.

But most amazing is once again Susan has managed to collect support to give out $61,500 worth of new and continuing scholarships for the students of this district.

The West Contra Costa Public Education Fund, an independent and community supported organization has been around for over 20 years and Susan has been there the whole time. Asking for nothing, but support for the kids. I wish I had half the tenacity and vision that Susan has had and still has, she is truly a silent hero.

The number to get more information and tickets to the event and also information how you can help Susan support the teachers and students is 510-233-1464.

Thank you again, Susan.

Kevin [Rivard]

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