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Article: Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus

This recent NY Times article is not directly related to education, but it’s still relevant because: (1) It highlights exactly how baloney “research” truths are constructed. I particularly like the concept of the “cascade.” (2) The topic itself is about one of the newer goals foisted on our public education system, a system so well-known for achieving its previous goals.

The Numbers Game in Research

This is a relatively old item by now (all of 3 weeks), but I thought I’d bring it up anyway. This Wall Street Journal column discusses just how flimsy the research basis for some supposedly research-based beliefs really are. The belief highlighted is about the importance of family reading on academic achievement. The “study” that’s the basis for this is based on 24 low-income kids and exactly 1 middle-income kid.

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