Sell the Abandoned Site That Used to Be Adams (7 Years Ago)


WCCUSD staff worked out a great way to ac­com­mo­date the district’s le­gal re­quire­ment for hous­ing a grow­ing char­ter school while get­ting a closed school site that has been fes­ter­ing as aban­doned build­ings since 2009 out of its hair. The plan: sell the aban­doned prop­erty to the char­ter in re­turn for the char­ter (Caliber) waiv­ing it’s fu­ture le­gal fa­cil­i­ties rights. Slowness in mov­ing for­ward with the plan has al­lowed a coali­tion dri­ven by fear and hate to mo­bi­lize to pos­si­bly nix the deal.


Contradictions in the Controversy over Charters


One of the in­ter­est­ing ten­sions in char­ter school bat­tles is be­tween pro­gres­sives who look at char­ter schools as just a con­spir­acy of busi­ness­men and, on the other hand, black and Latino peo­ple who see black and Latino stu­dents get­ting an ed­u­ca­tion they wouldn’t oth­er­wise. The pro­gres­sives of­ten seem to re­gard these peo­ple as de­luded dupes. While of­ten align­ing with pro­gres­sives oth­er­wise, the peo­ple them­selves, in this case, just want re­sults.


A Rude Jab, an Inspiration

This is what got me post­ing again…

Nextdoor is a com­mu­nity bul­letin board sys­tem that’s sup­posed to pro­mote neigh­bor­li­ness. People of­ten use it in a very un­neigh­borly way though. One way to mit­i­gate the im­pact of the un­neigh­bor­li­ness is to move spe­cial­ized top­ics with a more con­tentious edge into their own groups off the main feed.


WCCUSD 6-13-2012 School Board Meeting

It looks like I’m go­ing to miss today’s school board meet­ing. Here’s the agenda. And here’re some of the items of in­ter­est from the agenda:

*CI C.6 Approval of Agreement with United Teachers of Richmond (UTR)/ AB1200 Public
Disclosure of Collective Bargaining Agreement with UTR

As a con­sent item, there will prob­a­bly be no dis­cus­sion. It’s the rat­i­fi­ca­tion of a tem­po­rary 1-year agree­ment with the UTR. Even though this was the year for the multi-year con­tract to come up for rat­i­fi­ca­tion lead­ing to po­ten­tial strife, both sides de­cided to kick the can down the road for an­other year. Of the five fur­lough days in the cur­rent con­tract, two sun­set au­to­mat­i­cally at the end of June. This agree­ment tem­porar­ily takes two more fur­lough days off, so teach­ers have just one fur­lough day.

*CI C.13 Collins Elementary School New Fire Alarm Project Award of Contract
*CI C.14 Ellerhorst Elementary School, Harding Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School,
and Tara Hills Elementary School Restroom Renovation Project Award of Contract
*CI C.15 Mira Vista Elementary School Concrete Stoops Project Award of Contract
*CI C.16 Sheldon Elementary School, Murphy Elementary School, and Mira Vista Elementary
School Restroom Renovation Project Award of Contract

The cost for all of these con­sent items is lit­er­ally “Funded from the Measure X Bond”. That’s so in­for­ma­tive. Is it that hard to list the cost of the project?

* D.5 Preliminary Budget for 2012 – 2013

This is the point where board and pub­lic com­ment will prob­a­bly go over the par­cel tax de­feat. If I were there I would ask about whether the City of Richmond is go­ing to pay its “WCCUSDgeld” of $1.5M for this com­ing year to keep the three schools on the clo­sure list from be­ing closed. Or is every­one go­ing to just pre­tend the board res­o­lu­tion man­dat­ing this arrange­ment can just be winky-winked away with­out any for­mal ac­tion. Then, where’s the $1.5M go­ing to come from in the bud­get?

* E.3 WCCUSD Public Comment

My fa­vorite time. That’s why I archive the video clips of these seg­ments.

It will be in­ter­est­ing to see how many peo­ple show up who were riled up by Charles Ramsey’s re­marks about break­ing up the dis­trict be­cause the par­cel tax didn’t pass and the sup­port for it var­ied by com­mu­nity. Just check any of the “Patches” (El Cerritto, Hercules, Pinole) to see some of the up­roar.

* F.1 West County Community High School Charter Renewal Petition Staff Findings and
Resolution No. 1201112

This is in­ter­est­ing in three ways:

  1. The in­ter­sec­tion of the district’s brass knuck­les ap­proach to most char­ters with the at­tempt of an elit­ist char­ter school as­so­ci­a­tion to liq­ui­date a com­mu­nity-based char­ter. The idea of the California Charter Schools Association is to throw a few char­ter schools they don’t like un­der the bus to ad­vance the in­ter­ests of the more ed-re­formy char­ters they do like.
  2. The ut­ter vul­ner­a­bil­ity of the com­mu­nity-based char­ters, the ones I sym­pa­thize with, ver­sus the chain and big-money char­ters when school boards take the kind of bel­liger­ent ap­proach they are en­cour­aged to.
  3. The bad tim­ing of these de­ci­sions: this is a de­ci­sion to shut a school down in a few weeks. This kind of de­ci­sion should hap­pen not later than February. If it’s a prob­lem with State laws, they should be changed.

If the board ap­proves, we’ll see whether this is taken up to the County level on ap­peal.