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Starting WCCUSD Board Elections Analysis 1995-2014


As the next election approaches for the West Contra Costa Unified School District (among other jurisdictions), I thought it would be a good time to analyze previous recent elections in WCCUSD. I’ve set up a project on Github where I detail how I gathered this information and store an R script for analyzing the information.

I was able to go back to the 1995 election. Starting with this election, there have been 10 WCCUSD board elections, 65 candidacies (47 unique candidates), and 25 victors (2 seats then 3 seats are up for each two elections).

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Follow the Money for the WCCUSD Candidates

The first of two pre-election campaign finance filings has occured. Here are the results for these four West Contra Costa Unified School District candidates for two available seats:

Here are some graphs comparing donations, remaining cash balances, and donation sources as of Sept. 30 with a table following at the end. “Construction Interests” as a category includes organizations (companies, unions, and trade associations) and individuals. “Individuals” and “Organizations” refer to individuals and organizations that aren’t construction-related. Donations under $100 aren’t itemized and are just reported as a single aggregate number in each report.

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 Total DonationsConstruction InterestsOrganzationsIndivdualsUnder $100Cash Balance

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