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It’s That Time Again: Watching the Election Calendar

California Elections Calendar- When and Why (Mystery Education Theater 3000) 2014-01-30 00-11-27

One of the main functions of the West Contra Costa Unified School District is to see how many school bond measures can possibly be passed and then spend the money in as profligate way as possible (“scope-driven”). We have 6 bond measures already and have the highest school bond property tax rate in the State. For the last two bond measures, we’ve been over our debt limit. In my three years on the bond oversight committee, I’ve never heard a peep about requiring more bond funds for any specific school construction needs.

But, Prop. 39 bond season is upon us again, so, naturally, our school board is making noises about yet another bond measure “for the kids.” The survey has already been taken, and it seems, if you phrase the questions right, the (adult citizen) babies are ready to have more candy taken away again. What’s the next step?

This is where an elections calendar comes in handy. You can see that June 3, 2014 is the next election date for a Prop. 39 bond measure. The deadline for filing is March 7. The last regular school board meeting before this is February 26, so look for this meeting as the decisive event leading up to yet another bond election.

The Elections Calendar Page

One of the static pages I’ve added to the blog is an elections calendar for standard election dates in California. As a spreadsheet it can dynamically update itself to show how many days to a deadline.

Here’s a concrete use for it. I know my school district (West Contra Costa USD) is thinking of putting a parcel tax on the ballot for June. By looking at the cut-off date and comparing it with the calendar for the district board meetings (in this case here), I can see that the school board has these regular meetings in which to vote for putting a parcel tax on the ballot for June 5:

February 15
March 7

March 7 is very close to the March 9 deadline, so a decision would likely occur on Feb. 15 or a special meeting.

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