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WCCUSD Needs More Blogs

I was just reading an excellent post by Giorgio Cosentino on his WCCUSD Quality Improvement Project blog about the insensitiveness of our WCCUSD school board candidates to the impact of the tax measures on ordinary citizens. I would definitely encourage you to bookmark his site. I’m also interested in finding other blogs connected with WCCUSD. If you know of any, post a link as a comment.

Looking for Blogs

On the right-hand side of my blog page, you can see that I’ve started a list of blogs from people within WCCUSD (West Contra Costa Unified School District). If you know of any others please drop me a line by commenting on this post or emailing me.

Found: Educational Justice Blog

This is a blog worth checking:

It’s called “Educational Justice.” I like it even though I’m not really much of a progressive. It’s mostly the work of Eric Mar, a San Francisco School Board Commissioner, which in itself is really cool. There’s a lot of stuff here with a local (SF Bay Area) focus. One thing of particular note is Eric’s dissection of some of the reports recently released as part of the well publicized Getting Down to Facts project from the Stanford Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice. Just look at the entries tagged under adequacy.

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