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Contradictions in the Controversy over Charters


One of the interesting tensions in charter school battles is between progressives who look at charter schools as just a conspiracy of businessmen and, on the other hand, black and Latino people who see black and Latino students getting an education they wouldn’t otherwise. The progressives often seem to regard these people as deluded dupes. While often aligning with progressives otherwise, the people themselves, in this case, just want results.

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BlackBoard Exercises for March 22nd


A new community organization zeroed in on the academic achievement of African-American students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District has started up. What’s promising about this group is that the lead is being taken by someone else besides the usual players, school officials and professional advocacy groups. Of course, they’re involved, just not in the driver’s seat.

Of the two main contacts, I know Scottie Smith. She’s a totally solid person and has a lot of experience dealing with these issues. Hopefully, this group will achieve some success.

Their first forum will be on March 22nd. One thing that strikes me about this event is how much thought has been put into the process itself to allow everyone to participate. Look through the agenda in the “packet” below and see for yourself. (There’s also a single-page flyer you can download.)

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