Mystery Education Theater 3000 2015-11-18 16-37-58

You may have seen this in the upper-right corner of the main page of the blog. What is it? The two main links allow you to click once and open your e-mail program with a fully-addressed template for sending to either the WCCUSD Board of Education or the Contra Costa County Board of Education. Here’s what clicking on the “WCCUSD Board of Ed.” link looks like in my e-mail program:

Compose_ Public Comment_ 2015-11-18 16.54.35

After “Public Comment:” in the subject line, I usually put the agenda item I’m commenting on and the date of the meeting in parentheses. You can do anything you want with the subject line including getting rid of “Public Comment:” In my e-mail program the addressees are displayed as bubbles with the names in them, but there really is an e-mail address there.

The secondary links point to the source on the respective websites where I got the addresses. You can go there for mailing addresses and other information.

I’m posting this now, because I recently updated the addresses. Start sending e-mails to your elected school officials now!