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A Rude Jab, an Inspiration

This is what got me posting again…

Nextdoor is a community bulletin board system that’s supposed to promote neighborliness. People often use it in a very unneighborly way though. One way to mitigate the impact of the unneighborliness is to move specialized topics with a more contentious edge into their own groups off the main feed.

I’m one of the leads on the Kensington ND. Somebody recently posted some kind of “meditation” on the fact that so few students had gone to El Cerrito HS in the photo in the local paper listing where graduating seniors went to high school. A discussion thread started going on from this post. The leads had discussed starting a group for such discussions, so I created one. I created a description like this except I put the word “non-venomous” in front of “discussion.”

Nextdoor Kensington- All about Local Schools and Education Issues 2016-06-08 12-30-57


The first post in the new group is this…naturally.

Nextdoor Kensington- All about Local Schools and Education Issues 2016-06-08 12-11-25

Well, hello! Let’s poison the well! However, there’s not much point in debating with people like this. If the goal is to bully me off as a moderator, it simply won’t work.

But here, I’ll talk about it. First, on this blog, I’m more humorous than venomous. And, the “active supporter of the corporatized charter schools” is just the usual polarizing us-vs.-them hateful speech from the local anti-charter people. Like many other people, I supported two (successful) candidates, who were also backed by charter money, for a variety of reasons. In my case, it was primarily because of the hope that they would be more likely to rein in the bond construction program.

Otherwise, my basic line is that policy about charters is set at the state level. That’s where people who hate charters or just want to regulate them more should be focusing their efforts, instead of trying to get school boards to break the law on charter schools.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean they have to give in to every legal suit or threat by the charters. For instance, I’m opposed to the settlement the district agreed to about sharing parcel tax revenues with charters.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve been inspired to start posting again.

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  1. Charley,

    Your post is one of a sensible person. It is sad to see so much energy at the local level trying to get the WCCUSD Board to break what is State and Federal laws regarding charter schools. This district is and have spent millions of dollars that could have gone to the education of students. It is time to review how much money we are spending on lawyers for reasons that does not enhance the education of students. When we were upset about the loan from the state and the cost to the District and students, we marched to Sacramento and lobby legislators for change, which we got through restructuring of the loan. People must remember, parents are going to do what they think is best for their children. Therefore, everyone should point their protest in the right direction and see what the impact will be.

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