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Public Comment Clips for WCCUSD BOE Meetings

Every West Contra Costa USD Board of Education meeting includes a segment for general public comment on non-agenda items. In the meetings I have attended, this can be an interesting direct insight into what people are thinking about. There are two problems with this:

  1. The minutes only show the names of speakers, not what they said.
  2. The speakers are called in order, not by what they are speaking about, so it can be hard to follow a single topic when listening.

As a solution to (1), I’ve started a project to clip out these public comment segments from WCCUSD board meeting archives and post to my YouTube channel. I’ve started working my way back and will continue to add to a playlist I’ve set up that contains all of these clips.

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  1. ccowens

    May 9, 2012 — 12:41 am

    The City of Hercules should publish the official minutes in addition to their little video thing. Have you asked (Mayor) Romero about this?

    In WCCUSD, I seem to remember some issue with people objecting to how their public comment was characterized. The easy solution (for the staff) is to go minimal. One way around this is to formally ask to be included in the agenda to address the board. Then, the minutes will reflect more what you say. At the very least you’re on the agenda.

  2. The City of Hercules City Council does not have minutes for their meetings, instead posting the entire video that I am unable to view via my Mac. I find this very annoying. Are these videos approved? The only documented minutes of any kind for these city council meetings are those posted by the on-line news forum, the Patch, which publishes in writing a summary of the comments of the speakers. The WCCUSD should do this!

    Why the hell are we taking the time to speak if it isn’t worth documenting in the minutes? I recently spoke before a state agency responsible for the oversight of public employee unions. I was the only speaker, so they let me speak (Vent? Rant?) for 15 minutes, which they then documented using an entire page of their business meeting minutes. I was flattered and most appreciative.

    The WCCUSD board should show some respect and courtesy to the citizens they serve and include in the minutes the comments of the speakers. Or are they afraid of this additional documented transparency that could even result in…do I dare say…accountability.

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