Today is an im­por­tant mile­stone in the November elec­tion. This is when cam­paigns have to file a re­port of their in­come and ex­penses up to September 30th. Hopefully, all the re­ports will be on­line by Monday. That would make Monday a triple hol­i­day: Columbus Day, Follow the Money Day, and Beginning of Vote-by-Mail Day. Here’s the link for Contra Costa County:

Campaign Contribution Search

The biggest thing to watch is For the Children of West County, the PAC that bankrolls bond and par­cel tax cam­paigns with money from con­struc­tion in­ter­ests, all mar­shaled to­gether by Charles Ramsey. Here are some di­rect links to known WCCUSD PACs and can­di­dates:

I’ll re­port on what I find from Follow the Money Day af­ter it hap­pens.

Note: There’s one more pre-elec­tion fil­ing dead­line on the 25th.

Pre-elec­tion Filing Deadline Today: Follow the Money Day Almost Here

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