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Follow the Money for the WCCUSD Candidates

The first of two pre-election campaign finance filings has occured. Here are the results for these four West Contra Costa Unified School District candidates for two available seats:

Here are some graphs comparing donations, remaining cash balances, and donation sources as of Sept. 30 with a table following at the end. “Construction Interests” as a category includes organizations (companies, unions, and trade associations) and individuals. “Individuals” and “Organizations” refer to individuals and organizations that aren’t construction-related. Donations under $100 aren’t itemized and are just reported as a single aggregate number in each report.

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 Total DonationsConstruction InterestsOrganzationsIndivdualsUnder $100Cash Balance

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  1. Look at the THOUSANDS of dollars Studdiford is receiving from the Seville Group, the folks who have a contract with the district!!!!!! How can this be legal? Where’s the outrage?!

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