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Lest We Forget: The Previous WCCUSD Election in Mailers


During the last election cycle I kept all the WCCUSD school board election mailers that I received at my address (Kensington 94707). I scanned them and uploaded them.

I wanted to get a more coherent view of all the different story lines inside the mailers. The advantages of preserving a corpus like this are:

  • Systematically tracking the PACs that fund the mailers
  • Giving a view of what the controlling PACs (candidate and non-candidate) think matters to people in the school board election
  • By aggregating the claims made by the successful candidates (Kronenberg, Block, and Cuevas) in the mailers (along with other sources like, providing a checklist that can be used to evaluate the tenure of the successful candidates
  • Acting as a possible check on negative ads by keeping them permanent instead of fly-by-night
  • Just being able to study a connected set of mailers for technique
  • And, let’s not forget the “partial” list of endorsers

I’ll have more to say about this collection later, but right now I just want to get this index out there.


This is a numbered list of all the PACs that funded the mailers I collected.

1California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee FPPC #1339522
2Education Matters FPPC #1372949
3Madeline Kronenberg for School Board 2014 FPPC #1366542
4Mister Phillips for School Board 2014 FPPC #1370423
5Peter Chau for School Board 2014 FPPC #1368237
6Raquel Donoso for School Board 2014 FPPC #1364768
7Richmond Working Families for Jobs 2014, in support of Bates for Mayor&Myrick, Ramsey,Powers,Rogers for City Council. Supported by Building Trades Unions with major funding by Moving Forward PAC. FPPC #1372270
8United Teachers of Richmond Political Action Committee FPPC #811678

Positive Mailers

Here are the mailers that didn’t include negative statement about others. The PACs are referenced by number from the table above. The third column consists of direct links to specific mailers.

Donoso6"Building Inspired Schools"
Phillips4"the right combination of experience"
Phillips4"West County leaders agree"
8"Let's Get It Together to Make Things Better"
Teachers Union Endorsees
Cuevas2"Do you think our schools are good enough?"
Block2"Imagine what she can do on the West Contra Costa School Board."
Block2"Putting Students First"
Chau5"A Local Success Story"
Chau5"A Home-Grown Success Story"
Kronenberg3"The Leader We Trust on the School Board"
Kronenberg7"Teachers and Parents Support"
Kronenberg3"Madeline Has Already Done a Lot..."

Negative Mailers

Here are the mailers with an attack component.

Aimed AtSupportingPACMailer
2"Which Direction"
Chau1"A complete list of PETER CHAU"S qualifications..." / Tumbleweed
Kronenberg1"Putting construction company donors FIRST"
Kronenberg2"'I Believe We Have Done a Good Job' Do You Agree?"
Charter Schools AssociationKronenberg3"Don't believe the billionaire bullies" / Pinnochio
Charter Schools AssociationKronenberg3"trying to take over our schools" / Fat Cat with Cigar
"corporate outsiders"Kronenberg3"Leaders across the county are standing with" / Corporate Boardroom

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  1. Looking forward to your continuing analysis of these candidates and election. Quick thoughts:

    Peter Chau? Why would UTR endorse him? He has always appeared to be nothing more than Ramsey’s protege/puppet and fairly callow at that.

    Antonio Medrano is back? He wasn’t even bad during his previous tenure, he was just a non-presence. Only argument I can see for his campaign is representing latino community and El Sobrante region.

    Mister Phillips? Seems to be more of a political striver than one with a real education agenda. Which, given the political forces at play in the district, gives me tremendous discomfort.

    Tom Panas has been latched onto by anti-charter forces? Boy, I would love to have a candidate that takes the pervasive fear and loathing of charters and pivots it to a leadership position on the need for the district to defeat charters by offering excellent education. Tom’s web site allows me to imagine him as that candidate, but an endorsement by the anti-charter forces make me think that he will just continue to bash charters instead of pressing on the district to improve.

    Xavier Abrams? Hmmm, this is interesting, a Vice President at Mechanic’s Bank. I am eager to learn more about her. I can imagine having a local business leader on the board to be a very good thing, but of course it matters much more what are her beliefs and style and political skills.

    • Charley Cowens

      July 8, 2016 — 10:28 am

      My point in another post was that some anti-charter people have already decided Tom Panas is part of a pro-charter side. They’ve “latched on” to him as an enemy not a friend.

      • Oh, sorry, I got turned around on that. I wonder if he is truly pro-charter, or is just deemed insufficiently anti-charter (and could perhaps be the middle ground candidate that we need)?

        • Charley Cowens

          July 9, 2016 — 12:23 pm

          I think he would certainly like to be thought of as a middle ground candidate. I don’t know of him actually supporting any specific charter school proposals in the past. On the other hand, I don’t think he feels the need to prove himself as a middle candidate. You might consider developing some more specific questions to ask him that would allow you to gauge his position more accurately in this area, and then ask him those questions.

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