As I said before in my posting about the need for electoral reform in WCCUSD, the November 2006 campaign for three WCCUSD School Board slots was ridiculous in the disproportonality of the campaign fundraising. I recently had the opportunity to brave the county elections office and pick up the end-of-year filings.

Two candidates who did campaign, but raised less than $1,000, didn’t have to file: Anton Jungherr and Robert Brower.

The “3 Ms,” Meade, Miles (elected), and Medrano, were endorsed by the teachers’ union and the main non-credentialed staff union. This is the source of the non-cash contributions for these candidates.

Dwarfing everyone else in the field is the de facto “bond party” ticket of Ramsey (elected) and Kronenberg (elected). Not only is the total of their contributions enormous, but the concentration of these contributions coming from unions and businesses with an interest in the bond construction program is also…enormous.

2006 Reported Contributions

Candidate Cash Cash and Non-Cash
Marguerite Meade $1,573 $8,004
Audrey Miles $2,283 $8,539
Antonio Medrano $14,737 $19,902
Madeline Kronenberg $102,963 $102,963
Charles Ramsey $137,198 $137,198