As I said be­fore in my post­ing about the need for elec­toral re­form in WCCUSD, the November 2006 cam­paign for three WCCUSD School Board slots was ridicu­lous in the dis­pro­por­tonal­ity of the cam­paign fundrais­ing. I re­cently had the op­por­tu­nity to brave the county elec­tions of­fice and pick up the end-of-year fil­ings.

Two can­di­dates who did cam­paign, but raised less than $1,000, didn’t have to file: Anton Jungherr and Robert Brower.

The “3 Ms,” Meade, Miles (elected), and Medrano, were en­dorsed by the teach­ers’ union and the main non-cre­den­tialed staff union. This is the source of the non-cash con­tri­bu­tions for these can­di­dates.

Dwarfing every­one else in the field is the de facto “bond party” ticket of Ramsey (elected) and Kronenberg (elected). Not only is the to­tal of their con­tri­bu­tions enor­mous, but the con­cen­tra­tion of these con­tri­bu­tions com­ing from unions and busi­nesses with an in­ter­est in the bond con­struc­tion pro­gram is also…enormous.

2006 Reported Contributions

Candidate Cash Cash and Non-Cash
Marguerite Meade $1,573 $8,004
Audrey Miles $2,283 $8,539
Antonio Medrano $14,737 $19,902
Madeline Kronenberg $102,963 $102,963
Charles Ramsey $137,198 $137,198
Numbers for WCCUSD 2006 Campaign Fundraising
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