Now I’m Not a Candidate for WCCUSD School Board…At Least Not in 2008

I started out as a can­di­date for the WCCUSD and then I de­cided to not run. Instead, I have en­dorsed Tony Thurmond and Antonio Medrano. I will also ac­tively work for their elec­tion. Why?

Originally, Mark Woo, a Kensington par­ent ac­tivist, and I were in the race for two Board seats along with these oth­ers:

  • Karen Pfeifer, Incumbent — Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” Machine can­di­date #1
  • Robert Studdiford, Outgoing Council (District) PTA President — Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” Machine can­di­date #2 (sup­ported more through the ma­chine net­work than through ma­chine money so far)
  • Antonio Medrano: Community activist/​retired teacher who lost the last elec­tion by 66 votes
  • Tony Thurmond: Richmond City Council mem­ber and just de­feated Assembly pri­mary can­di­date

Once Tony Thurmond en­tered the race, I started con­sid­er­ing drop­ping out of the race (along with Mark Woo) for the two stronger” in­de­pen­dent can­di­dates, be­cause it was so im­por­tant to de­feat Karen Pfeifer (and Robert of course). (A de­feat of both ma­chine can­di­dates would elim­i­nate their ma­jor­ity on the Board.) But, I re­jected this idea at first.

Then, Mark Woo and I have talked about this a lot and talked to Tony and Antonio. Mark and I found enough com­mon­al­ity with Tony and Antonio to think that it wouldn’t make sense to fight and thus help peo­ple we had much less in com­mon with. It’s im­por­tant this time to make at least a crack in the wall. So, Mark and I de­cided to not run and to en­dorse Tony and Antonio.

Of course, I can’t re­ally com­pletely tell what Tony and Antonio are about un­til their cam­paigns and their tenures in of­fice de­velop. It’s cer­tainly a pos­si­bil­ity that I’ve made a mis­take, but I’m go­ing to take the chance. The im­por­tant thing is to at least loosen the iron grip of the Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” ma­chine to give some pos­si­bil­ity of pos­i­tive changes in our school dis­trict.

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