I started out as a candidate for the WCCUSD and then I decided to not run. Instead, I have endorsed Tony Thurmond and Antonio Medrano. I will also actively work for their election. Why?

Originally, Mark Woo, a Kensington parent activist, and I were in the race for two Board seats along with these others:

  • Karen Pfeifer, Incumbent — Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” Machine candidate #1
  • Robert Studdiford, Outgoing Council (District) PTA President — Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” Machine candidate #2 (supported more through the machine network than through machine money so far)
  • Antonio Medrano: Community activist/retired teacher who lost the last election by 66 votes
  • Tony Thurmond: Richmond City Council member and just defeated Assembly primary candidate

Once Tony Thurmond entered the race, I started considering dropping out of the race (along with Mark Woo) for the two stronger” independent candidates, because it was so important to defeat Karen Pfeifer (and Robert of course). (A defeat of both machine candidates would eliminate their majority on the Board.) But, I rejected this idea at first.

Then, Mark Woo and I have talked about this a lot and talked to Tony and Antonio. Mark and I found enough commonality with Tony and Antonio to think that it wouldn’t make sense to fight and thus help people we had much less in common with. It’s important this time to make at least a crack in the wall. So, Mark and I decided to not run and to endorse Tony and Antonio.

Of course, I can’t really completely tell what Tony and Antonio are about until their campaigns and their tenures in office develop. It’s certainly a possibility that I’ve made a mistake, but I’m going to take the chance. The important thing is to at least loosen the iron grip of the Ramsey “It’s all about the kids” machine to give some possibility of positive changes in our school district.