Lineup for the 2016 Contra Costa Board of Ed. Race for Area 1


The lineup is set in the Contra Costa County Board of Education 2016 race for Area 1 that in­cludes most of the West Contra Costa Unified School District:

  • Pam Mirabella
  • Elaine R. Merriweather
  • Fatima S. Alleyne

Of the four peo­ple who orig­i­nally “pulled pa­pers,” three can­di­dates are still in. Unlike the WCCUSD race, which has no in­cum­bents run­ning, this race has an in­cum­bent run­ning who’s been in of­fice since 1988, Pam Mirabella. In fact, in the records I have go­ing back to 1995, she doesn’t seem to have had any chal­lengers.

This time she faces two chal­lengers. Elaine Merriweather was elected to the WCCUSD board in 2010, but was voted out in 2014. She is a par­ent, a teacher in the San Francisco school dis­trict, and a teach­ers union of­fi­cial. Fatima Alleyne is a par­ent and works as a re­search sci­en­tist for a gov­ern­ment agency. She has been in­volved in a mem­ber of var­i­ous dis­trict com­mit­tees in­clud­ing the Community Budget Advisory Committee.

Contact Info

I’m keep­ing an up­dated can­di­date con­tact info page for the elec­tion that in­cludes Area 1 (cov­er­ing most of WCCUSD) for the county board of ed­u­ca­tion. Here’s what I have so far:

Pam MirabellaEl CerittoPam4allstudents@gmail.comlink
Elaine R. MerriweatherRichmondelainemerriweather@gmail.comlink
Fatima S. AlleyneRichmondElectFatima@gmail.comlink

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