The lineup is set in the Contra Costa County Board of Education 2016 race for Area 1 that includes most of the West Contra Costa Unified School District:

  • Pam Mirabella
  • Elaine R. Merriweather
  • Fatima S. Alleyne

Of the four people who originally “pulled papers,” three candidates are still in. Unlike the WCCUSD race, which has no incumbents running, this race has an incumbent running who’s been in office since 1988, Pam Mirabella. In fact, in the records I have going back to 1995, she doesn’t seem to have had any challengers.

This time she faces two challengers. Elaine Merriweather was elected to the WCCUSD board in 2010, but was voted out in 2014. She is a parent, a teacher in the San Francisco school district, and a teachers union official. Fatima Alleyne is a parent and works as a research scientist for a government agency. She has been involved in a member of various district committees including the Community Budget Advisory Committee.

Contact Info

I’m keeping an updated candidate contact info page for the election that includes Area 1 (covering most of WCCUSD) for the county board of education. Here’s what I have so far:

Pam MirabellaEl CerittoPam4allstudents@gmail.comlink
Elaine R. MerriweatherRichmondelainemerriweather@gmail.comlink
Fatima S. AlleyneRichmondElectFatima@gmail.comlink