One of my more amusing experiences from the failed measure G parcel tax campaign was being sort of blackballed by the consultant hired by For the Children of West County for the measure G campaign, Kevin Reikes. Mr. Reikes decided that using the words “parcel tax”, to describe the measure G parcel tax would doom its passage. So, if you look at any of the brochures produced by his firm for the parcel tax campaign, you won’t see the words “parcel tax” anywhere. It’s actually quite rhetorically beautiful. My problem was that, as the Webmaster for the parcel tax Web site, I found it very difficult to banish the words entirely from all Web content. I tried, but I couldn’t completely. For a BS glossy brochure, it’s much easier. I offered to give up running the Web site to someone else like Reike’s firm, but I was still left to carry on. The dysfunctional solution for Reikes was to simply exclude any references to the campaign Web site in the campaign brochures. Well, I guess, even though measure G failed, our consultant is in the clear.