This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Why I'm Voting for X 2016


I am going to try a feature so others can state why they would like to vote for a particular candidate. I will then post the statements as part of a series of posts. Here are the rules:

  1. Only candidates for the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education (WCCUSD BOE) or Contra Costa County Board of Education (CCC BOE) Area 1
  2. Letter-to-the-editor length of 200 words or less as measured by this site:
  3. Single author who must be able to vote for the candidate
  4. The author includes their name, city or other locality, and a description of themselves of 8 words or less
  5. Please no relatives or campaign members (People will be able to tell if the statement is too contrived.)
  6. Talk about your candidate not the other candidates
  7. No obscenity or libel
  8. No new statement published for a particular candidate until the other candidates for the race have statements submitted for that round
  9. The title of the post will simply fit this formula: “Why I’m Voting for X” where X is the candidate name (I’ll add the position as the first line.)

E-mail statements with author and candidate info to