I thought this was a good quote from someone about the WCCUSD election, so I’m using it as the title for this posting.

I sent in my letter to the editor on Monday, but given my experience with the Contra Costa Times it’s not likely to be published. Here it is for what it’s worth:

LETTER TO EDITOR: Vote for Medrano and Thurmond for WCCUSD School Board

I hope voters in the West Contra Costa Unified School District do the
right thing and cast their votes for both Antonio Medrano and Tony
Thurmond to serve on the school board.

Compared to the other two candidates, Mr. Medrano and Mr. Thurmond have
the right kind of steady even temperament and open mindedness to help
guide our district through the difficult challenges ahead. Real positive
change requires the ability to build cooperation among a wide variety of
different groups inside West Contra Costa, an ability that Mr. Medrano
and Mr. Thurmond possess far more than their opponents. In the face of a
massive invasion of outside special-interest money (yet again) to
purchase the election of construction-expenditure-friendly “mavericks”
on the school board, we must all push back in this election to
strengthen our district in its capacity to educate all of our kids
within budget constraints and to restore integrity to the district as a
public body.

So, for the best school board, instead of the best school board money
can buy, please vote Medrano and Thurmond for WCCUSD School Board on
November 4th.