This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series "Kramer vs. Kramer" to "Kramer vs. Ramsey"

Before leaving the issue of the dust-up over assessments discussed in Yet Another WCCUSD WTF (What the Funicular) Moment and Belated Follow-​up on the WCCUSD Campaign to Pressure the County Assessor, I’d like to point out three things that stand out from this episode.

First, where did Whitehurst/​Mosher come from? Searching the District website, they only turn up back in January (18th), 2013 as community outreach consultants for a parcel tax. I can’t find anything since then. Where’s the authorization to hire them?

Additionally, this whole ridiculous episode is a reminder of how, under Charles Ramsey’s hegemony over the District, the Board meetings are just a theater for Charles to stage whatever bizarre play he wants. The long sessions for the Ivy League Connection were just the beginning.

Finally, this establishes a bad precedent for politicizing the property assessment process. This isn’t as important in times when Prop. 13-limited assessments are behind market rates, but, if there’s another downturn, it could be important.