Despite the headlines, California does not really have a revised budget to be formally approved in the next day or so. It has just kicked the can in order to call a cease-fire in the war over what kind of government to have with a collapsed economy. At least government agencies (like schools) can move forward under some kind of overall plan. It’s still hard to sort out what happened in terms of an individual school district. Here’s an example of the sort of thing you have to rely on: leaked Dem caucus notes on the deal.

Everything should be sorted out by Monday after the voting is done, but here’s what seems to be clear now:

  • School district’s aren’t going to get more money compared to the May Revise that had to be used as the basis for the budgets districts have already submitted.
  • This is just kicking the can, so mid-year cuts are a distinct possibility. Mid-year cuts are especially difficult because of inflexibilities in layoff rules for classified staff and the fact that it’s outside of the normal budget development cycle.
  • 5 instructional days can be used for furloughs (essentially temporary pay cuts). For most districts, this would still require collective bargaining. In WCCUSD, because negotiations have collapsed into a proto-striking state, the Board could probably just impose them unilaterally.

One thing is probably for sure. This posting will be out-of-date in a few days.