The local newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, recently did an article called Typing up a storm to discuss the impact of blogging in the local school scene (Mt. Diablo and West Contra Costa school district). Part of the article was a list of blogs. Here it is:

Well, of course, what immediately attracted my attention is that they misspelled my name. It’s “Cowens,” not “Cowen”. Here are some less important things I would add:

  1. Blogging require a lot of work to keep providing a flow of entries to keep people coming back. This is an area that I could certainly improve on for this blog.
  2. Public mailing lists provide a similar function of rallying people on the Internet without requiring the maintenance of a Web site. A Yahoo list I set up for a group of WCCUSD parents (including myself) called wccusdtalk is still going strong after almost 5 years. In fact, the 5th anniversary will be May 19th.
  3. Blogging relies on being able to reference items like newspaper articles that stay accessible. The Contra Costa Times has an irritating policy of effectively killing links after 90 days. (A search in the archives and then payment is required.) The SF Chronicle has a more enlightened policy of allowing permanent linking. So, if I have a choice between referencing the Chronicle or the Times, which one am I going to pick?
    What some people do is quote articles in full, which, beyond any legal or ethical questions, also means the Times is losing potential hits on the articles. Please, Times, support blogging by allowing permanent links or some means for blogs to be permitted permanent linking.