From the latest bulletin from John Gioia (my county supervisor here in Contra Costa County):

* There will be a public forum at noon on Thursday, March 3 to hear from the Contra Costa Community College District’s four finalists for the position of President of Contra Costa College. Attendees will be able to ask questions too. The finalists are: Dr. Celia Barberena, Krista Johns, J.D., Mojdeh Mehdizadeh, and Dr. Luis Pedraja. Click here for more information.

The public forum will be held at the Jean & John Knox Center, 2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo, California.

This is an opportunity to pay attention to a tier of the education system that doesn’t get much civic attention (like the county office/board of education). The candidates are all “doctors” except for one, so I’m supporting her. 🙂 Ms. Mehdizadeh is also currently the interim president.

A key point to think about is what the place of community colleges in the overall system should be. Feeder for 4-year schools, extra high school babysitting for big kids, job training, competitor to existing 4-year schools for granting bachelor’s degrees… These are just a few of the purposes. It would be interesting to see how the candidates rank the different goals.

Another question to ask is about construction planning. There aren’t any extra parcel taxes for the district, but there are three bonds being paid off by taxpayers:

COMM COLL 2002 BND 0.0034%
COMM COLL 2006 BND 0.0076%
COMM COLL 2014 BND 0.0110%

This totals to .022% or $110 per year for an assessed value of $500,000.

Also, I like this trend of putting important administrative candidates out in a public forum. It’s part of their job anyway. Although, it would be nice if these forums were at some time we 9-5ers could make more easily.