I have mixed feelings about charter schools in general. I don’t know how mixed their feelings are, but there are moves afoot to look at charters in Pinole and El Sobrante.

Anyway here’s the local article:

A group of charter school experts and the city of Pinole are gauging interest in creating a new charter in West County.

A Pinole City Council special workshop today will aim to answer questions about charters and will feature John Schilt, a Pinole resident, attorney and member of the city Economic Development and Housing Advisory Committee who is interested in eventually establishing a charter school in Pinole.

There currently are five charter schools operating in West County, all in Richmond: Leadership high, West County Community high, Making Waves middle, Manzanita middle and Richmond College Prep elementary.

El Sobrante resident Al Kirkman said he is gauging community interest in creating a charter elementary in El Sobrante in light of the West Contra Costa school district’s decision to close El Sobrante Elementary to save money. Kirkman said he plans to attend tonight’s meeting and encouraged other El Sobrante residents to come.

Creation of West County charter school in focus – ContraCostaTimes.com

Now, the minutes from the Pinole workshop are up.