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Sell the Abandoned Site That Used to Be Adams (7 Years Ago)


WCCUSD staff worked out a great way to accommodate the district’s legal requirement for housing a growing charter school while getting a closed school site that has been festering as abandoned buildings since 2009 out of its hair. The plan: sell the abandoned property to the charter in return for the charter (Caliber) waiving it’s future legal facilities rights. Slowness in moving forward with the plan has allowed a coalition driven by fear and hate to mobilize to possibly nix the deal.

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BlackBoard Candidate Forum


The BlackBoard of West Contra Costa will be sponsoring a public WCCUSD candidate forum in El Sobrante on September 22nd (Thursday).

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Education Matters Posts Interviews for WCCUSD Election

Candidate Interviews Questionnaires Education Matters

A panel organized by Education Matters interviewed candidates for endorsing in the WCCUSD board race. They’ve now published the interview videos and the candidate submissions.

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WCCUSD Teachers Union Interviews for Endorsement

UTR Endorsements - OneDrive 2016-08-22 16-10-16

The teachers union (UTR) will vote on their endorsements for the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education at their Rep Council meeting on August 31st. The candidate interviews and questionnaires used in this process are available to the public.

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El Cerrito Dem Club Candidate Forum Open to Public


The August 2014 ECDC Candidate Forum

Come to this open public event on Saturday, August 27 for anyone to hear and ask questions of candidates for local races that the El Cerrito Democratic Club takes a position on, like the race for two seats on the West Contra Costa USD Board and the race for the Area 1 seat on the Contra Costa County Board of Education.

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