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A Rude Jab, an Inspiration

This is what got me posting again…

Nextdoor is a community bulletin board system that’s supposed to promote neighborliness. People often use it in a very unneighborly way though. One way to mitigate the impact of the unneighborliness is to move specialized topics with a more contentious edge into their own groups off the main feed.

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New Page: Bucket of Links

I bookmark a lot of web pages with the idea of maybe writing something about them. Even though, I don’t always get around to using them, the list itself of potential links for posts might be interesting to readers of this blog. To “publish” them, I’m using a feature of my bookmarks synchronizer add-on, Xmarks, for sharing bookmark folders as a link or widget. A widget listing these links is now available on the “Bucket of Links” page that hangs off the “Resources” menu item.

The Elections Calendar Page

One of the static pages I’ve added to the blog is an elections calendar for standard election dates in California. As a spreadsheet it can dynamically update itself to show how many days to a deadline.

Here’s a concrete use for it. I know my school district (West Contra Costa USD) is thinking of putting a parcel tax on the ballot for June. By looking at the cut-off date and comparing it with the calendar for the district board meetings (in this case here), I can see that the school board has these regular meetings in which to vote for putting a parcel tax on the ballot for June 5:

February 15
March 7

March 7 is very close to the March 9 deadline, so a decision would likely occur on Feb. 15 or a special meeting.

Letters Posts in the Blog

In restarting my blog, I’ve decided to use various official letters I send out as content (with a brief header explaining who the recipients are.) I just posted one yesterday. A letters post can then be referenced in other posts that expand on the issues in the post. I’ll put all of these posts under a category called “Letters.”

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