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I used Storify to collect together some news and commentary relevant to WCCUSD’s proposed bond #7, Measure H, leading up to the election tomorrow. Here are some points that strike me on looking at this:

  • Nobody in the media seems to care that much about WCCUSD’s uniquely garagantuan (for the number of students) construction program except for the Contra Costa Times.  KPIX got involved once, but only because of the violation (I want to say rape) of the Bond Oversight Committee (agenda hijacking by staff) to obtain a faux “consultation” for an already planned debt ceiling waiver application.
  • Tom Butt’s E-forum is a valuable tool for Charles Ramsey as a non-district platform for promoting his antics in the school district.
  • The simple moment of candor by Mr. Fay about the central dynamic (“scope-based budgeting”) for our bond construction program has a stickiness that will be hard to get over. Part of it’s stickiness, comes from the simple fact that it’s true. I can’t believe how many times it’s been presented to me over the years as just something everyone knows. Wink. Wink. The model fits the actual behavior of the district perfectly:
    • Spend money on projects without limit.
    • Adjust project budgets so they’re always on budget.
    • When it looks like the available cash is running low, bump a bunch of projects.
    • Use the sad stories of the bumped projects to pass another bond

    The difference this time was that the people at the Contra Costa Times listened to the tape.

See the Storify page listing coverage.

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  1. If you received the district’s “Yesterday and Today” mailer (ie propaganda), take a look at the photo of the two girls in the science lab.

    The girl looking into the microscope is looking at…nothing! There is no slide on on the microscope. It make the district look inept, because the mailer (ie propaganda) says Measure H “gives our kids the same tools that have enabled students in other communities to excel.”

    Maybe the kids in other communities excelled because their science teachers understood how to use a microscope.

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