The April 2006 general meeting of the Bayside Council of PTAs happened last Monday. It was the usual sparsely attended affair (but a quorum). The officers for next year were elected. The upcoming State PTA convention and our stalled bylaws revision were touched on. Two new initiatives were discussed:

  1. A Principal Relations Committee
  2. A Food Health Committee

Principal Relations

At the February meeting, Linda Takimoto, raised some concerns about how principals related to PTAs. We had a committee meeting in the interim to discuss how to present the issue for discussion at the next Board meeting. At the April meeting, the main points discussed on this topic were:

  1. PTAs need to have clearly defined mission statements and goals so the principals know more about who they are dealing with (and that the PTA is not just a fundraising machine!)
  2. The Bayside Council should lead units by example in this respect by adopting a mission statement and goals.
  3. Respect is a two-way street. PTAs must respect the role of the principal if they are to expect respect back.
  4. The PTA through this committee should work with Dr. Harter (Superintendent) to ensure that parent engagement and parent group engagement will be an important part of the framework for hiring and evaluating principals.

Healthy Foods

PTAs are often identified with the sale or distribution of festive supplementary (and less healthy) food. At the same time, the PTA is committed to healthy food for the mainstay meals in the schools. A parent has recently formed a committee to research and encourage the use of healthier and more appealing foods in school lunches.