It’s That Time Again: Watching the Election Calendar

California Elections Calendar- When and Why (Mystery Education Theater 3000) 2014-01-30 00-11-27

One of the main func­tions of the West Contra Costa Unified School District is to see how many school bond mea­sures can pos­si­bly be passed and then spend the money in as prof­li­gate way as pos­si­ble (“scope-dri­ven”). We have 6 bond mea­sures al­ready and have the high­est school bond prop­erty tax rate in the State. For the last two bond mea­sures, we’ve been over our debt limit. In my three years on the bond over­sight com­mit­tee, I’ve never heard a peep about re­quir­ing more bond funds for any spe­cific school con­struc­tion needs.

But, Prop. 39 bond sea­son is upon us again, so, nat­u­rally, our school board is mak­ing noises about yet an­other bond mea­sure “for the kids.” The sur­vey has al­ready been taken, and it seems, if you phrase the ques­tions right, the (adult cit­i­zen) ba­bies are ready to have more candy taken away again. What’s the next step?

This is where an elec­tions cal­en­dar comes in handy. You can see that June 3, 2014 is the next elec­tion date for a Prop. 39 bond mea­sure. The dead­line for fil­ing is March 7. The last reg­u­lar school board meet­ing be­fore this is February 26, so look for this meet­ing as the de­ci­sive event lead­ing up to yet an­other bond elec­tion.