First Board Meeting with the New Board Members

Tonight the new School Board mem­bers, Todd Groves and Randy Enos, will be sworn in. Congratulations!

At this meet­ing, an im­por­tant or­der of busi­ness is un­der this agenda item:

B.5 Annual Organization Meeting

The President and Clerk of the Board will be elected as part of this item. The President works with the Superintendent to de­velop agen­das and chairs the meet­ings, and the Clerk acts as a Vice President to fill-in for the President when nec­es­sary.

Charles Ramsey, the cur­rent President, has been President too many times al­ready. Todd and Randy are new. Madeline Kronenberg has been President at least twice al­ready. Elaine Merriweather has been on the Board for two years. In the in­ter­ests of ro­tat­ing re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, it would makes sense for Elaine to be President with one of the new guys as Clerk, but Elaine hasn’t had a chance yet to un­der­study as Clerk her­self. (Antonio Medrano was the Clerk this year, but lost his seat.) If that’s a deal killer (to me it isn’t), one fall-back would be for Madeline to be President again with Elaine as Clerk for a year. Then, next year, Elaine could be President with one of the new guys slot­ted in as Clerk.

I guess we’ll just have to see what hap­pens.

Nov. 2012 Election Outcome

The elec­tion of November 2012 is long done, so I guess I can start blog­ging again.

For the WCCUSD mea­sures, I sup­ported G and op­posed E. The par­cel tax re­newal (G), for a par­cel tax with 2 more years still left to run, passed. The yet-an­other-huge-bond-au­tho­riza­tion (E) also passed. The cul­tural al­lu­sion I brought up in speak­ing against a new bond back in July is still valid now that the bond has passed:

The two WCCUSD Board can­di­dates I sup­ported, Todd Groves and Randall Enos, were elected. Without exit polls, it’s hard to fig­ure our how this hap­pened, but I’ll try any­way in fu­ture posts along with look­ing at the mea­sure cam­paigns.