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Month: December 2012

First Board Meeting with the New Board Members

Tonight the new School Board members, Todd Groves and Randy Enos, will be sworn in. Congratulations!

At this meeting, an important order of business is under this agenda item:

B.5 Annual Organization Meeting

The President and Clerk of the Board will be elected as part of this item. The President works with the Superintendent to develop agendas and chairs the meetings, and the Clerk acts as a Vice President to fill-in for the President when necessary.

Charles Ramsey, the current President, has been President too many times already. Todd and Randy are new. Madeline Kronenberg has been President at least twice already. Elaine Merriweather has been on the Board for two years. In the interests of rotating responsibilities, it would makes sense for Elaine to be President with one of the new guys as Clerk, but Elaine hasn’t had a chance yet to understudy as Clerk herself. (Antonio Medrano was the Clerk this year, but lost his seat.) If that’s a deal killer (to me it isn’t), one fall-back would be for Madeline to be President again with Elaine as Clerk for a year. Then, next year, Elaine could be President with one of the new guys slotted in as Clerk.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

Nov. 2012 Election Outcome

The election of November 2012 is long done, so I guess I can start blogging again.

For the WCCUSD measures, I supported G and opposed E. The parcel tax renewal (G), for a parcel tax with 2 more years still left to run, passed. The yet-another-huge-bond-authorization (E) also passed. The cultural allusion I brought up in speaking against a new bond back in July is still valid now that the bond has passed:

The two WCCUSD Board candidates I supported, Todd Groves and Randall Enos, were elected. Without exit polls, it’s hard to figure our how this happened, but I’ll try anyway in future posts along with looking at the measure campaigns.

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