Chartering a PTA at Meadow Homes in MDUSD

I have my prob­lems with work­ing with the PTA, but one thing I do like is help­ing to start new PTAs when there re­ally seems to be the sup­port there for start­ing a PTA. You need a prin­ci­pal on board and will­ing to show up, way more than one teacher at the meet­ings, and a par­ent base that can fill a mul­ti­pur­pose room. All of these con­di­tions were met at Meadow Homes Elementary in Mount Diablo Unified School District on January 26, 2009. Here’s a photo of the new Board at the char­ter­ing meet­ing:

And here’s my char­ter mem­ber­ship in their PTA as part of the team to char­ter them:
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