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Month: January 2009

Animated Timeline of All Inauguration Speeches As Word Clouds

Lately I’ve been focused on microblogging through twitter. I just came across this item from @AngelaStockman “retweeting” @cliotech. It refers to a flash animation timeline of word frequency clouds (like those generated by wordle) of every inauguration speech ever made (on the NY Times site). It’s just too fascinating not to blog about this great educational tool.

Special Board Joint Meeting on School Closures

I didn’t notice this meeting coming up till recently, but there will be a special meeting today (1/10) at 10am of the School Board, City Councils in the school district, and the two County Supervisors whose wards include WCCUSD. The purpose is “Exchange of Ideas and Strategies among the Cities, County and School District” about “WCCUSD Financial Situation and School Closures”. In itself, this could only be a good thing, right? In some ways this is a response to entreaties from local officials like this one in the Contra Costa Times from the Mayor of Richmond. So, some gesture is required.

My concern is that it soaks up Board time that needs to focus on what the school district itself can do to find $10M on top of any projected money from school closures. Sure there might possibly be some cooperative measures that would save a little money, but these jurisdictions are hurting, too. There will need to be more meetings of just the Board.

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