What Goes Around Comes Around — 12/​10 Board Meeting

Well, it was the longest Board meet­ing (12/​10/​08) I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced, end­ing at 2pm. I’ll post about the most im­por­tant parts later, but first let’s talk about an in­ter­est­ing de­vel­op­ment at the be­gin­ning of the meet­ing near 7pm.

Every year the Board elects a pres­i­dent and clerk (ba­si­cally, a vice pres­i­dent). In an ideal Board you’d ex­pect the clerk to be a pres­i­dent-in-wait­ing po­si­tion, but fac­tion­al­ism changes things. Pfeifer/​Kronenberg were the pre­vi­ous combo, but, in­stead of Kronenberg be­com­ing pres­i­dent, the Board voted in Miles/​Medrano. Charles Ramsey com­plained about the fact that Medrano had just been elected and that was un­usual.

I would have pre­ferred that Kronenberg had been kept in at least as clerk to show unity, but it has to be ac­knowl­edged that in part this is a re­ac­tion to what hap­pened in 2005 when the con­trol­ling ma­jor­ity was Fenton, Pfeifer, Ramsey — with Fenton be­ing a looser part. Dave Brown was dumped com­pletely af­ter be­ing clerk. Here is a chron­i­cle of these in­ter­nal elec­tions in the min­utes un­der item B.3:

12/​12/​07 Meeting Pfeifer/​Kronenberg
12/​6/​06 Meeting Pfeifer/​Ramsey
12/​14/​05 Meeting Ramsey/​Pfeifer
12/​8/​04 Meeting Price/​Brown
12/​3/​03 Meeting Ramsey/​Price

Karen Fenton re­tired in 2006 to be re­placed by Madeline Kronenberg as a much firmer mem­ber of the con­trol­ling ma­jor­ity. Now Karen Pfeifer has been not-re­elected and the pre­vi­ous ma­jor­ity has been trun­cated to be re­placed with some­thing else that will take firmer shape as more Board meet­ings oc­cur.

Time for a Local Inauguration

In a few min­utes, I have to run to the WCCUSD School Board meet­ing de­spite my loom­ing cold. The new Board mem­bers, Tony Thurmond and Antonio Medrano, will be sworn in and then have to turn around and vote on school clo­sure cri­te­ria and the CEQA re­port for Castro. This should be an early op­por­tu­nity to see what they’re made of. I voted for both of them, but it’s al­ways a gam­ble — these elec­tion things. I’ll ex­pand on this later af­ter I’ve cheated and de­vel­oped a lit­tle more hind­sight from tonight. (They may have al­ready been brain­washed by the California School Boards Association’s Annual “Conference.”)

Go Figure — 79.2%

I fin­ished my pub­lic Google docs spread­sheet of re­sults from the whole State for par­cel tax and bond mea­sures. WCCUSD came out on top with %79.2 for both par­cel tax and bond mea­sures. This was a sur­prise given that the poll­sters in the Spring were say­ing it would be a squeaker with de­feat well within the mar­gin of er­ror. But across the board in the State, the cri­sis worked out in fa­vor (“their” State bud­get cri­sis) in­stead of against (“my” re­ces­sion). WCCUSD’s po­si­tion on top is a fur­ther sur­prise given the neg­a­tive brand of “WCCUSD”, but you have to give proper credit to a great cam­paign run by Glen Price, Genoveva Calloway, and Peter Chau along with oth­ers men­tioned by the Superintendent. Behind the an­tipa­thy to our District, there may sim­ply be a great reser­voir of sup­port for pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion it­self.

Election Results

Today marks the ex­pi­ra­tion of the terms for out­go­ing Board mem­bers Dave Brown and Karen Pfeifer, so what bet­ter time than now to talk about the out­come of the elec­tion. Here’s the score­card based on the signs in my front yard:

3 out of 4 with all 3 school dis­trict choices pass­ing. The elec­tion analy­sis will have to be up­dated from the cer­ti­fied re­sult, which should be out soon, but you can fol­low links for the cur­rent analy­sis at this blog en­try.