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Month: December 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around — 12/10 Board Meeting

Well, it was the longest Board meeting (12/10/08) I’ve ever experienced, ending at 2pm. I’ll post about the most important parts later, but first let’s talk about an interesting development at the beginning of the meeting near 7pm.

Every year the Board elects a president and clerk (basically, a vice president). In an ideal Board you’d expect the clerk to be a president-in-waiting position, but factionalism changes things. Pfeifer/Kronenberg were the previous combo, but, instead of Kronenberg becoming president, the Board voted in Miles/Medrano. Charles Ramsey complained about the fact that Medrano had just been elected and that was unusual.

I would have preferred that Kronenberg had been kept in at least as clerk to show unity, but it has to be acknowledged that in part this is a reaction to what happened in 2005 when the controlling majority was Fenton, Pfeifer, Ramsey — with Fenton being a looser part. Dave Brown was dumped completely after being clerk. Here is a chronicle of these internal elections in the minutes under item B.3:

12/12/07 Meeting Pfeifer/Kronenberg
12/6/06 Meeting Pfeifer/Ramsey
12/14/05 Meeting Ramsey/Pfeifer
12/8/04 Meeting Price/Brown
12/3/03 Meeting Ramsey/Price

Karen Fenton retired in 2006 to be replaced by Madeline Kronenberg as a much firmer member of the controlling majority. Now Karen Pfeifer has been not-reelected and the previous majority has been truncated to be replaced with something else that will take firmer shape as more Board meetings occur.

Time for a Local Inauguration

In a few minutes, I have to run to the WCCUSD School Board meeting despite my looming cold. The new Board members, Tony Thurmond and Antonio Medrano, will be sworn in and then have to turn around and vote on school closure criteria and the CEQA report for Castro. This should be an early opportunity to see what they’re made of. I voted for both of them, but it’s always a gamble — these election things. I’ll expand on this later after I’ve cheated and developed a little more hindsight from tonight. (They may have already been brainwashed by the California School Boards Association‘s Annual “Conference.”)

Go Figure – 79.2%

I finished my public Google docs spreadsheet of results from the whole State for parcel tax and bond measures. WCCUSD came out on top with %79.2 for both parcel tax and bond measures. This was a surprise given that the pollsters in the Spring were saying it would be a squeaker with defeat well within the margin of error. But across the board in the State, the crisis worked out in favor (“their” State budget crisis) instead of against (“my” recession). WCCUSD’s position on top is a further surprise given the negative brand of “WCCUSD”, but you have to give proper credit to a great campaign run by Glen Price, Genoveva Calloway, and Peter Chau along with others mentioned by the Superintendent. Behind the antipathy to our District, there may simply be a great reservoir of support for public education itself.

Election Results

Today marks the expiration of the terms for outgoing Board members Dave Brown and Karen Pfeifer, so what better time than now to talk about the outcome of the election. Here’s the scorecard based on the signs in my front yard:

3 out of 4 with all 3 school district choices passing. The election analysis will have to be updated from the certified result, which should be out soon, but you can follow links for the current analysis at this blog entry.

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